Madison Cawthorn may be finished in Congress, but he’s not done saying stupid things

Madison Cawthron once again made a complete ass of himself on Twitter this week.

On Monday, the 27-year-old homophobe took to the social media platform to share his unsolicited thoughts on term limits in Congress after Texas embarrassment Ted Cruz , who recently announced he’ll be seeking a third term in the Senate, filed a bill last week to prohibit U.S. senators like him from serving more than two terms.

“Congress desperately needs term limits,” Cawthorn wrote.

Congress desperately needs term limits. — Madison Cawthorn (@CawthornforNC) January 31, 2023

The irony of a disgraced one-term GOP congressman who lost his reelection bid to a primary challenger tweeting about term limits in Congress was lost on no one… Other than Cawthorn, that is.

Here’s how folx responded…

America’s single greatest achievement is limiting Madison Cawthorn to one term. — One of the Good Kentuckians (@Kentucky_Sparky) January 31, 2023

Your term limit was amazing. I know that much for sure. — Wir Sind Korrupt (@WirSindKorrupt) January 31, 2023

You won’t have to worry about it, will you? — Slim Shadie (@NoJustIgnore) January 31, 2023

Maybe sit this one out. — christine (@joanofarq) January 31, 2023

I love cell phones — Brad Holcomb (@bradholcomb) January 31, 2023

Worked perfectly for you — Wu-Tang is for the Children (@WUTangKids) January 31, 2023

Yet you proved that term limits aren’t necessary — Gary B (@GplusB) January 31, 2023

There’s already a mechanism for that. It’s called “voting people out.” It’s a concept with which you are well acquainted. — SELMa (@iamaxian) January 31, 2023

The self parody is strong in this one — Sylvia Van Nooten (@sylviavannooten) January 31, 2023

Sir, this is a Wendy’s… — Name Can Not Be Blank (@ReignBowFrite) January 31, 2023

In other Madison Cawthorn news, yesterday he pleaded guilty to that speeding violation that’s been hanging over his head for the past year.

On January 8 2022, he was pulled over by the North Carolina Highway Patrol for going almost 90 MPH in a 70 zone. The charge carries a fine of about $200.

Rather than just, oh, pay the stupid fine and move on with his life, Cawthorn chose to spend even more money to have his lawyer negotiate a plea deal, which included having the speeding charge dropped to 79 MPH to lower his risk of getting his license suspended.

The 27-year-old, who relocated to Florida after leaving Congress last month, didn’t appear in court and instead had his lawyer enter his guilty plea on his behalf yesterday.

With that whole thing officially over and done with, he can now focus on the Class 3 misdemeanor charge he’s facing for taking that loaded gun through an airport security line last April. The violation could land him 20 days in jail.

Cawthorn’s next court date is scheduled for May 3.


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