Marvel’s revealing new look at Tenoch Huerta as Namor is quenching fans’ thirst


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Is the sea level rising, or are you just happy to see this new peek at Namor in Wakanda Forever ?
Yes, the arrival of Marvel’s next superhero crush is iust around the corner, and  Empire Magazine  has an exclusive look at the aquatic prince Namor, played by Mexican actor Tenoch Huerta.
It’s fair to say to Twitter is already dripping with anticipation for this water-born warrior…

Namor is "a dream antagonist" for Black Panther: #WakandaForever , Ryan Coogler tells Empire.
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— Empire Magazine (@empiremagazine) September 26, 2022

The sequel to 2018’s Black Panther , Ryan Coogler’s Wakanda Forever will reportedly reckon with the loss of its king T’Challa—and, by extension, Chadwick Boseman.
In the wake of the Black Panther’s passing, the leaders of the technologically advanced African kingdom must fight to protect their home from invading forces. Among such threats is Namor, the leader of an undersea civilization known as Tamoclan, fighting to save his people.
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In the comics, Namor hails from the fabled Atlantis, but the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) has updated the character for Wakanda Forever , drawing from Mesoamerican history and culture. Naturally, there are racist “fans” attempting to disguise their hatred under the name of being “Marvel Comics purists,” but they’re swiftly being drowned out by excitement—and a hefty amount of lust—for this new take on Namor.
If there’s one thing we’re glad Marvel kept from the comics, it’s Namor’s penchant for skimpy green swimwear. The superhero, famously, wears nothing more than a tiny emerald speedo, so we’re thrilled to see only a minor variation on that look in Wakanda Forever , dressing Huerta’s Namor in some revealing booty shorts. The internet’s happy, too:

(sorry to be horny on main, but he can forever my Wakanda.)
— Tj "Book Daddy" Klune (@tjklune) September 26, 2022

Tenoch Huerta is making me feral right now ? can’t wait to see this sexy alpha on screen
— hasan piker’s cumrag (@celebhaus) September 26, 2022
— ? T?ast ? (@th3mb0fication) September 26, 2022

I’m sorry if this is the villain, I am on his side. I do not care, they cannot keep making beefcake villains and expect me to stay moral.
— this user is 6’4 (@Giraffelimbs) September 26, 2022

While the MCU brings Huerta to a new level of international attention, the actor’s no stranger to the screen. Over the past 15 years, he’s popped up in a number of notable film and television projects, from  Narcos: Mexico  to The Forever Purge to James Bond film  Spectre  to the excellent but under-seen horror Tigers Are Not Afraid . Let’s just hope he’s ready for all the new thirst follows…


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We’ll be seeing a whole lot more of Huerta soon when Wakanda Forever  hits theaters on November 11. Watch the heart-pounding first trailer below:


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