Erotic horror actress/GOP candidate offers to send reporter adult videos at homophobic press conference

A screenshot believed to be GOP gubernatorial candidate Tudor Dixon in the erotic horror “Buddy BeBop vs the Living Dead.”
Erotic-horror-actress-turned-Michigan-GOP-gubernatorial candidate Tudor Dixon held a wildly homophobic press conference yesterday during which she demanded the resignation of state superintendent Michael Rice. The reason? He’s made schools too gay!
The press conference was held outside the Michigan Department of Education building Tuesday morning. Dixon, who is running against incumbent Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, kicked things off by lamenting about how schools view students as “lab rats” for their “social experiments.”
“Our schools have lost their way,” she said. “Somewhere along the way, radical political actors decided that our schools are laboratories for their social experiments and our children are their lab rats.”

Today, I called for the resignation of State Superintendent Michael Rice.
He doubled down when sickening training videos were exposed. He is unfit for office. Parents will not have information hidden from them. @gretchenwhitmer is silent about it all.
— Tudor Dixon (@TudorDixon) September 20, 2022

Dixon specifically called out a staff training video about LGBTQ students that recently made the rounds on social media.
“The Michigan Department of Education is actively training staff to help young kids transition and instructing them not to tell their parents, even if they are suicidal,” the 45-year-old mother of four falsely stated.
Detroit Free Press reports:
Dixon was referencing an excerpt from one video in which the question of liability was raised if a student committed suicide and a parent was not aware of a name and/or pronouns the student was using at school. Kim Phillips-Knope, the project lead for the Department of Education’s LGBTQ+ student project, said teachers are legally required to report when they learn students are having suicidal thoughts, but that parents should be notified without “outing” the student and that teachers should work with the student to let them guide the notification process.
But the homophobia didn’t stop there.
Dixon went on to say the training video is not the only evidence she has to show schools are out of line with student sexuality and gender issues. She also cited comments made by Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel in June, when Nessel jokingly said “drag queens are fun” and that she supported “a drag queen for every school.” Though Nessel clearly made the remarks in jest, Dixon insisted she was not joking.
When asked about it later, Nessel’s spokeswoman confirmed that she was, of course, joking and accused Dixon of attempting to “divert attention from the real harms and threats our children are faced with on an everyday basis. Drag queens are not among those threats.”
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During the press conference, Dixon also ranted about gender-neutral bathrooms and warned that soon all school bathrooms will become gender-neutral. And she said, if elected governor, she will support a statewide ban on “pornographic” (read: LGBTQ) books in school libraries.
“Leadership is being unafraid to say that if an adult is caught showing pornographic materials to children and talking to them about sex in school without their parents’ consent, that adult will be prosecuted just as they would be if they did it at the school bus,” she said.
When asked by a reporter how she defines pornography, Dixon said it was “two naked people, and they are acting out a sexual act, and multiple different sexual acts.” Then she offered to send the reporter some examples.

It’s not every day that the Republican candidate for Governor of a state (MI) offers to send a reporter some porn, but it’s 2022 and here we are.
— Ron Filipkowski ?? (@RonFilipkowski) September 20, 2022

Of course, Dixon insists none of what she says or believes is fueled by homophobia or animus.
“This is not about LGBTQ issues,” she told reporters. “This is about protecting children, protecting parents rights and getting our schools back to the basics of teaching kids how to read and write.”
To which, our only response is…

Prior to her recent foray into politics, Dixon was an aspiring actress. According to IMDB , her film credits include the 2008 erotic thriller “LexiBaby” and a some weird sexy vampire web series called “Transitions.” She also appeared in the raunchy 2012 sex comedy/horror flick “Buddy BeBop vs the Living Dead”, which depicts women being attacked, sexual assaulted, and peed on by male zombies.
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