Rental van company in hot water for offensive anti-trans slogan

A camper van hire company notorious for its controversial slogans has had one of its vehicles banned for an anti-trans message.
Wicked Campers in Australia and New Zealand has a long standing reputation for painting offensive slogans on its rental vans.
The latest van to cause an uproar featured the slogan ‘You’re not a woman until humans come out of your vagina and trample on your dreams’.
Registered in the northern state of Queensland, the Ad Standards deemed it ‘offensive, degrading and just not right’.
The national advertising standards watchdog ruled the van vilified woman. The Ad Standards board ruled it implies a female is not a woman until she has had vaginal child birth. It also said the slogan was anti-trans.
‘[It is] humiliating to women, including those that have had a caesarean delivery, do not have children, are unable to have children, or are transgender,’ the board wrote in its ruling.
Queensland law requires Wicked Campers to deregister vans if they refused to remove text and images in breach of the Advertisers Code of Ethics within 14 days.
Wicked Campers did not reply to the Ad Standards investigation or media requests for comment.
Wicked ways
The van rental company has courted controversy before. It has earned a reputation for its offensive slogans which take aim mainly at women and LGBTI people.
One of their homophobic slogans read: ‘gay guys settle disputes by going outside and exchanging blows’.
Some slogans aimed at women included:’I wouldn’t trust anything that bleeds for five days and doesn’t die’ and ‘fat girls are easier to kidnap’.
It is not known whether Wicked Campers will take the latest vehicle off the road. But the company does have a history of ignoring the rulings of advertising watchdogs in Australia and New Zealand.
It had ignored more than two dozen rulings in the eight years leading up to 2016.

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