See KJ Apa’s Archie in a passionate same-sex kiss in upcoming Riverdale episode

Riverdale: The campy, questionably glorious show where anything can happen.
In the next episode, lead character Archie Andrews (KJ Apa), who’s in a juvenile detention center, finds himself locking lips with none other than Joaquin (Rob Raco).
Here’s a bit of a recap: Joaquin is a member of the Southside Serpents who dated Kevin Keller (Casey Cott) in Season 1 before leaving Riverdale. At the end of Season 2, he returned and got caught up in an angry mob with the Fangs.
Fans never found out what happened to him — until Archie spotted him in juvie alongside him this season.
The kiss only lasts for a couple of seconds (at the :17 second mark), but it’s already getting fans talking.

Some fans are exciting by the brief shot, others less so.
Is this just another case of queerbaiting?
Reactions online are mixed, to say the least.
Is this a joyous thing for… the gays?

The producers, making Joaquin and Archie kiss #Riverdale
— sebastian (@harvestmoon____) November 8, 2018

Or is it just queerbaiting, while the legitimate relationship between Cheryl and Toni gets less in comparison.
Queerbaiting in media is when a same-sex relationship is hinted at or teased, but then never actually depicted.

hold the fuck up, so joaquin and archie can make out but 5 episodes into the season and choni haven’t kissed yet?
— ً (@sheIIyjohnscns) November 8, 2018

yo @writerras why can joaquin and archie kiss when they barely know each other and archie from what we know is straight BUT choni can’t when they’ve been girlfriends for almost a season…
— emma (@PET5CH) November 8, 2018

literally Archie and Joaquin kissed and Choni is actually in a relationship and like haven’t kissed since 2×17 what’s up with that?
— kαt (@iconicherry) November 8, 2018

Most fans think the kiss isn’t anything significant and instead meant as a distraction, or that Archie will tell Joaquin he’s straight.

y’all are getting your hopes up for bi archie but knowing riverdale they just put it in the promo for shock value and archie’s going to tell joaquin he’s straight
— aubrey (@wlwcheryl) November 8, 2018

i feel like a bi veronica is more realistic than a bi archie , and you can see joaquin made the first move . G O O D LGBTQ+ rep is exactly what Riverfail needs but i feel like we're gonna get queerbaited and Archie is just gonna reject him or something
— cindy (@choniblcpaz) November 8, 2018

I do not have any issues with Riverdale team using archie-joaquin kiss as a shock value for the promo and in the actual ep archie backing off when joaquin kisses him BUT the way they have edited the promo specifically the last part is QUEERBAITING cause it looks like more (1/2)
— Tatvons (@tatvons) November 8, 2018

Other fans are hoping the show doesn’t play into negative stereotypes.

i’m really hoping the outcome of the Joaquin and Archie kiss will be archie slowly pulls away and says “i’m with veronica Joaquin” or something very similar bc not only does this shOW he didn’t say “iM nOt gAy” it doesn’t enforce the negative stereotype of prison gays –
— avery (@karchieswig) November 8, 2018

Still others think it’s the writers being wild and random, because that’s what this show does best.

the riverdale writers after throwing in an archie and joaquin kiss
— kate (@spellmanbane) November 8, 2018

This episode of Riverdale airs next Wednesday (14 November).
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