Activists warn authorities about this Nigerian homophobic preacher visiting Canada

LGBTI activists are warning Canadian authorities about the danger of letting Nigerian preacher Johnson Suleman visit their country.
Suleman is a popular televangelist with strong anti-LGBTI views. He is going to preach in Calgary at the local Omega Fire Ministries church on 18 and 19 September.
The preacher has previously stated that homosexuality is the result of having demons from the pit of hell inside. He also said that people need to ‘kill the spirit of homosexuality in the name of Jesus’.
The preacher says that homosexuals have four problems
After working as an Assistant Pastor in the Armor of God Church in Lagos from 1998, Suleman started Omega Fire Ministries in 2004.
In one of his sermons , he said some people are gay as a consequence of demonic forces. However, the video, originally posted on Facebook, has been taken down.
‘If you are a homosexual, you have four problems. Number 1, you have a demon living inside you. A registered demon from hellfire, a demon with capital letters.
‘Number 2, you have a medical problem because your thinking is wrong. Number 3, economic situation can cause it. There are people that are being paid to be homosexual.
‘Number 4, you are a pervert. You have tried the normal style and its not enough. Deal with it and stop forcing your lifestyle on people.’
Moreover, he has been controversial in Nigeria for past sermons calling for the death of Muslims.
The open letter
Dignity Network, an LGBTI advocacy group operating globally, penned an open letter to the Canadian Minister of Border Security and Organized Crime Reduction Bill Blair.
Reverend Jide Macaulay, one of their international partners from Nigeria, has advised the group of the upcoming visit.
‘Our network is deeply concerned that Suleman’s visit to Canada will provide him a space to promote and incite hatred against both LGBTI people and Muslims here in Canada,’ they wrote.
Furthermore, they add: ‘We are asking the federal government immediately to ensure that he does not come to Canada and if he is already in Canada to use means to expedite his departure.’
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