Stranger Things’ Millie Bobby Brown quits Twitter because of anti-gay trolls

Millie Bobby Brown, the teen star of Netflix’s paranormal show, Stranger Things, has quit Twitter after trolls used her image on homophobic memes.
A group of people have photoshopped images of Brown, 14, in memes with violently homophobic messages. Tweets of the memes feature the hashtag, #TakeDownMillieBobbyBrown.
Some of the horrifying memes include quotes saying: ‘Just got this car. It’s pride month hoping to hit a few faggots today’.
One of the homophobic memes using Millie Bobby Brown’s face. | Photo: Twitter
One other meme with a fake quotes reads: ‘just ran over a faggot cant wait to kill all these gays off’.
Another says: ‘We don’t need gun control, we need faggot patrol’.
Photo: Twitter
Perhaps, the weirdest part of this trend is that most of the memes were made by members of the LGBTI community.
The initial point of the memes was to be ironic, because Brown is actually a very nice person who is a big supporter of the LGBTI community.

i think y’all aren’t getting the point of the millie bobby brown meme?
it was made by the gays as pure satire and mock of people who are actually homophobic
and the entire idea and meme of mbb being homophobic originated from this iconic stan twitter moment.
y’all need 2 calm
— daniel ?¿ (@thelovelesscIub) June 13, 2018

Some people found the memes hilarious and thought the haters should calm down. But many were quick to point out they didn’t find it funny because Brown is still a child.
One of the most retweeted threads criticizing the trend came from Twitter user, @zunbarya .
‘pretending millie bobby brown, a literal child, is a violent homophobe for memes is f**king disgusting and not funny at all,’ @zunbarya wrote.
‘She is a fucking child and you are cracking jokes about her hating gay people and wanting to kill them when she hasn’t done anything wrong?
‘You could genuinely cause so much damage to her reputation and it’s weird as fuck.’
Millie’s an ally
Last year, Brown wore a LGBTI pin to the MTV awards where she was one of the first winners of a gender neutral award. She has also been photographed wearing a t-shirt that reads ‘protect trans kids’.
Brown also started an anti-bullying Twitter account to help all kinds of bullying, especially cyber bullying.
The 14-year-old has been nominated for an Emmy for her role of Eleven in Stranger Things.

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