LISTEN: Kylie Minogue drops new single Dancing

Kylie Minogue is back and she’s just dropped her new single Dancing.
In her first non-Christmas studio album since she released Kiss Me Once in March 2014, the pop princess said the new album Golden marks a milestone in her life.
Speaking on BBC Radio 2’s The Chris Evans Breakfast Show, she said: ‘I was a little bit fragile when I started working on this album.

Thank you so much to everyone for tuning in for the first play of #Dancing … … I am completely overwhelmed and sending out so much love.
The single is available at midnight tonight, when you can also pre-order my new album GOLDEN!
— kylie minogue (@kylieminogue) January 18, 2018

‘I kind of processed that and I just thought it was a really good time to be honest – to work through everything and give a snapshot of where I am in my life.
‘It was very rewarding,’ she added.
‘The end of 2016 was not a good time for me’
She revealed a lot of the new album was recorded in Nashville and promises there’s more story to each song.
When asked what she learned while in Nashville, she said: ‘You need to work with a good group of people. Song writing can be a bit like therapy – you have to feel comfortable to talk about personal things.’

She’s back! @kylieminogue speaks to @achrisevans after the world exclusive first play of her new single Dancing.
“It’s a good time to be honest and give a snapshot of where I am in my life”
— BBC Radio 2 (@BBCRadio2) January 18, 2018

The album’s got a unique country feel to it, but she jokes she’s not going to be on a bale of hay in live shows.
Speaking to The Sun , she said the album helped her get over the heartbreak of her last relationship. She broke up with Joshua Sasse at the end of 2016.
She said: ‘The end of 2016 was not a good time for me.
‘So when I started working on the album in 2017 it was, in many ways, a great escape,’ she said.

I am SUPER excited to share with you the track listing for #GOLDEN More details coming very very soon…
— kylie minogue (@kylieminogue) January 16, 2018

Minogue revealed the album will be released in April.
Listen to a snippet of the new single Dancing  – scroll down to Latest Played on BBC. The full single is officially released at midnight tonight, as well as pre-order of the new album.

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