WATCH: Trevor Moran opens up about thinking he was trans

YouTuber Trevon Moran has opened up about struggling with his identity.
Moran explained he started to question why he didn’t feel ‘fulfilled.’
Trevor Moran came out as gay in 2015 with his music video for single I Wanna Fly.
He said: ‘So I sat on it for a few months. I cried a whole lot. And I came to the conclusion I was transgender.’
From there, he began to plan his transition.
The gay YouTuber told the camera: ‘I continued to grow my hair out. I got wigs, and I changed my whole wardrobe.
‘Literally I went shopping one day and changed my whole wardrobe to women’s clothes because I was about to transition into a woman. But that just was not the case.’
Moran explained that when he posts pictures of himself on social media ‘wearing fishnets or with my hair down’ he gets comments telling him that he’d ‘look great as a girl’ and that he should ‘transition.’
The singer and YouTuber then recalled how he set up appointments to begin his transition.
He said: ‘I scheduled hormone replacement therapy, to you know, block my testosterone and start putting estrogen in me.
‘And before I did that, I scheduled an appointment to freeze my sperm, because most of the time once you start hormone replacement therapy, you’re not fertile. So you have to freeze your sperm if one day I decided I wanted to have kids.’
Morgan said looking back, he was lost.
‘I wish rushing into it because I was so lonely and confused,’ he added.
He now feels more comfortable in his own skin. During those month, he started to get himself ‘mentally aligned again.’
Moran ended up a more positive note though, adding he has now come to love himself.
‘I can wake up somedays and wear a hoodie and sweatpants. But i can also get my hair and make up done and put on whatever shoes I want to put on,’ he said.
Watch the video below

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