WATCH: Nancy Pelosi slams Trump and his administration at GLAAD Gala

At GLAAD’s 2017 San Francisco Gala, House Minority leader Nancy Pelosi gave an impassioned speech criticizing Donald Trump and his administration’s continued LGBTI discrimination.
She made an appearance, complete with a rainbow bracelet, at the event to present Sam Altman with an award. In her introductory speech, she spoke of her own support for the community.
‘People say to me, “Oh, you’re from San Francisco, it’s easy for you to be so tolerant.”‘ she says at the beginning of her speech. ‘I say: “Tolerant? Tolerant is a condescending word to me. This isn’t about tolerance, this is about respect.”‘
She then talks about the hate crime bill she helped passed. People told her it would be easier if they took transgender people out of bill. Her response? ‘Never in a million years.’
She is now working on the Equality Act, a comprehensive bill penned by Congressman David Cicilline. Its aim is to end discrimination against LGBTI people in all aspects of life, not just the workforce.
‘In the last decade we’ve made tremendous progress, but since the election we’ve seen the journey is far from over,’ she says seriously. ‘Prejudice is boldly showing its ugly face.
‘LGBT Americans are facing new assaults on their rights from the White House and some in Congress on the other side of the aisle. But I promise you that my colleagues and I will continue to do everything in our power to end discrimination.’
In the rest of her speech, Pelosi discusses ending bullying in schools and promoting equality within the military. She takes a specific moment to criticize Trump for his transgender military ban, calling it hurtful and humiliating.
Elsewhere at the event, Don Lemon also gave an inspiring acceptance speech . The CNN anchor won the Davidson/Valentini Award and spoke about being a gay black man and told he would accomplish nothing.
Needless to say, it was a powerful night.
Watch Nancy Pelosi’s speech:

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